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Product Details

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Product Details
Focus-SМ 16/32
Focus-SМ 16/32

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RLD Redut-300 (-K, -S, -Т)
RLD Redut-300 (-K, -S, -Т)

Product Details

Wire-wave (radio-wave) detectors
The principle of operation of the detectors is based on the creation of electromagnetic field in the space along an open wire line located in the protective boundary and registration of changes of ...
Uran - М1
Protection of the upper level of the fence of any configuration made of bricks, ferroconcrete, wood, metal mesh or grid with the hard top. Warranty period is 2 years
Gazon - 21
Perimeter protection of stationary sites with rugged terrain and boundary configuration. Warranty period is 2 years.
Gazon - 3
The purpose of a radio-wave detector is to protect different types (ferroconcrete, brick) of perimeter stationary fences equipped with an insulated outrigger made of metal mesh...
Locks are intended for the use in the access control systems or off-line to prevent unauthorized access to protected rooms and territories. The original cylinder secret mechanisms provided for the ...
Electromechanical hasp lock for indoor installation on the swinging wooden doors 40…60mm thick and metal doors up to 100mm thick.
Hasp electromechanical lock for outdoor operation. It is mounted from the inside of protected zone on the wooden and metal sliding or swinging gate.
Remotely operated electromechanical lock is intended for outdoor operation. It is mounted from the inside of a protected zone on metal and wooden external and internal doors.
Electromechanical hasp lock with remote control is intended for round-the-clock outdoor operation in all climatic zones.
Electromechanical hasp lock with remote control intended to be installed on the inside of a protected zone on doors and wickets 20…100 mm in thickness.
Operational-tactical complexes & devices
They are intended for quickly-deployed protection boundaries on unprepared terrain. The distinctive features are: small weight and dimensions, serviceability and ease of transportation, short installa...
Mobile alarm complex KSM
It is intended for quick formation of quickly-deployed temporary alarm (protection) boundaries on unprepared terrain or at perimeters of stationary facilities. The complex provides organization of ...
Control and indication board. It is the main part of KSM complex and provides the receipt over a radio channel and visual display of the whole information..
Data transmission unit. It provides remote control, acquisition and transmission of data.
Coupling module. It is intended for coupling quickly-deployed detectors with stationary security systems.
Kit of a charging device. It is intended for charging the storage batteries
Monostatic microwave detector. It is intended to be used on the flat and mild terrain.
Bistatic detector. It is intended to protect long sectors on the flat terrain.
Breakage detector. It is designed for creation of hardly noticeable protective boundaries in the forests and rugged terrain.
Wire-wave detector. It is intended to be used on the terrain with rugged relief and configuration of a protective boundary.
Seismic detector. It is intended to create alarm blocking zones on the ground surface.
Mobile alarm system KSM-RV
KSM-RV is a mobile alarm quickly-deployed system intended for organization of concealed remote control of remote monitoring of routes of people circulation, monitoring of territory and strengthenin...
Alarm quickly-deployed mobile system intended for organization of hidden remote control of routes of people circulation, territory monitoring and strengthening the stationary protective boundaries.
Power supply systems & units
One of important elements of alarm complexes is a power supply system. Its reliability, structure and efficiency define many parameters of the equipment. Different types of the power supply systems...
The purpose of the remote power supply system is twenty-four-hour continuous electric supply of security alarm complexes with long protective boundaries.
BP - 048
Stabilized Power Supply Unit.
BP - 150
Stabilized Power Supply Unit.
Stabilized power supply for security alarm systems.
Mains power supply.
Microwave and radio-wave detectors
This family includes microwave detectors and their modification – microwave and wire-wave detectors. The specific peculiarity is the availability of a volumetric invisible detection zone. The...
Monostatic microwave detector. Blocking the straight sectors where the installation of bistatic detectors related to certain technical difficulties or it is not efficient from economic point of view (...
RLD Redut-300 (-K, -S, -Т)
It is intended to replace detectors of \"RLD94 UM\" family with the length of a detection zone up to 50, 150, 250 and 300m. It is recommended to be installed at long sectors adjoining a piece of water...
Microwave Detectors of RLD-SМ Family
Bistatic microwave detectors of general industrial purpose to be used in zones of temperate climate. The principle of operation is based on the control of parameters of an electromagnetic field gen...
Protection of straight sectors up to 300m long. They are intended for the replacement of outmoded devices RLD-73 \"Georgin\" and \"Pion-Т\".
RLD-SM (-К,-S, -Т)
It purpose is to protect straight sectors up to 300m long if there is a straight exclusion zone no more than 7m.
Microwave Detectors of RLD-94 Family
Family of bistatic microwave detectors with improved operational characteristics with high interference immunity, electromagnetic compatibility and reliability with longer warranty period – 30 m...
RLD 94 UМ-250-18 (-К, -S, -Т)
Alarm blocking of straight perimeter sectors up to 250 m long if a sterile zone 4,5 m maximum wide is provided.
RLD 94 UМ-300-18 (-К, -S, -Т)
Alarm blocking of straight perimeter sectors up to 300 m if there is a sterile zone 5 m maximum wide.
RLD 94 UМ-050-18 (-К, -S, -Т)
Alarm blocking straight sectors up to 50m long. It is recommended to install it at short sectors, in zones of passes, approaches, at sectors of roads and railway gates.
RLD 94 UМ-150-18 (-К, -S, -Т)
Alarm blocking of straight perimeter sectors up to 150 m long if there is a sterile zone 3 m maximum wide.
Alarm systems & complexes
Alarm complexes of security alarm means are a complex of technical alarm equipment installed at a protected site and united by a system of engineering networks and communications. The kit includes ...
KS - 195K
Alarm complex is intended to protect long site perimeters, local zones and rooms where it is possible to organize access mode through vehicle gates, wickets and etc. according to the commands from the...
Focus-SМ 16/32
Data acquisition and display device about detectors and connecting lines (for breakage short circuits) with time indication, audible and light indication made on the basis of two-color light-emitting ...
It is intended to organize site perimeter protection boundaries by means of complete delivery of physical barriers and detectors to state the fact of intrusion to the site.
Integrated security systems
Integrated security systems are a group of technical protective means intended for: organization of alarm security subsystems; monitoring of access control subsystems; monitoring of CCTV sub...
SQL-server providing the high level of information protection.
Workstation of Staff Department
It provides the conduct of electronic time sheet.
Workstation of Access Control Department
Workstation to make ID cards on the base of Proximity-cards provides the preparation of the prototype of ID cards, input of personal information of users including input of their pictures using digita...
Communication adapter.
Zirconiy - S 2000
Multilevel Automated Security Systems "Zirconiy – S 2000" It is intended to use as the base for creation of centralized security complexes of medium and large facilities including ones located...
Operator\'s Automated Workstation
Operator's automated workstations operating in continuous round-the-clock mode form an operating level of management of site security complex and provide the user's interface including the use of g...
KR - 1
A communication kit is intended to organize communication trunks between a PC and controllers and to control the state of supply units connected to the kit.
K20 - 07
Controller. Access control and security alarm functions.
K20 - 16
Controller. Functions of access control and security alarm.
K20 - 11
Controller. It is intended for the equipment of protective boundary sectors (perimeter sectors, room, etc.)
Terminal Unit
A terminal unit is a multifunction device operating as a control panel in the normal operation mode to set room protection modes; in case of loss of connection with operator\'s automated workstation i...
Access programmer unit is a board to draw a temporary access of users to the rooms.
Controller. Functions of access control and security alarm.
Address expander.
Entrance/Exit Control Point
The system supports the realization of ID card algorithm with video verification; in this case a security officer at the automated workstation takes part in the procedure of user's identification. ...
Entrance Security Cabin Turnstiles
Checkpoint of entrance security cabin.
Vibration detectors
The tasks of detection of intrusion attempts to a protected boundary by destroying or climbing over different types of fences or undermining are solved by using vibration detectors. Vibration detec...
Vibration detector is intended for the detection of an intruder destroying or climbing over the fence...
Vibration detectors of an intruder undermining the engineering fences.
Vibration device is intended for the detection of an intruder destroying or climbing over the fence (without available means)...
Vibration detector for alarm blocking of metal constructions...
A vibration and seismic detector is intended to detect an intruder crossing a fence by climbing over it, destroying or undermining it, moving on the ground surface
Seismic detectors
Seismic detectors solve the tasks of detection of an intruder crossing a protected boundary on foot, at a run or on all fours. The characteristic feature of seismic detectors is the possibility to ...
\"Godograf-SM-S-1\", a seismic detector, is used to protect perimeter from a trained intruder penetrating to the site walking, running, leap-frog or by car...